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Warner Bros. pushes boundaries of trademark law by seeking to protect everything related to Harry Potter‘s “Quidditch,” including lingerie.

Television networks draw first blood against’s Internet streaming service for movies and television by getting temporary restraining order.

EMI seeks to bar non-profit legal rights group from filing amicus brief in closely watched cloud computing case.

Rival social videogame makers Playdom and Zynga have finally reached settlement in years-long lawsuit over theft of trade secrets.

Change of venue from New Jersey to California in Hurt Locker case could mean bad news for soldier claiming defamation, violation of publicity rights.

HarperCollins settles lawsuit against for copyright infringement stemming from posting excerpts from Sarah Palin’s new book.

Penelope Cruz goes after MSNBC for publicity rights violations related to photos taken of her that revealed her then unconfirmed pregnancy.

Judge finally orders mystery defendants’ identities to be revealed in massive Internet piracy lawsuit.

As shopping days approach, Internet commerce bullies find ways to take money from online consumers.

Employment law considerations factor into negotiations over fate of baseball player, Cliff Lee.


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