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California passes new law making it illegal to impersonate celebrities, pushing limits of both trademark and publicity rights protection.

After judge orders permanent injunction, LimeWire drags and Apple into legal battle — demanding accounts of possible backdoor dealings with record labels.

Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction still wound up in legal battle — Supreme Court expected to weigh in on FCC’s indecency enforcement regime.

Adult website, Perfect 10, claims Google revealing its takedown notices constitutes copyright infringement.

Alec Baldwin sues Kevin Costner over BP oil spill, claiming actor sought to deceive stockholders into selling stock in revolutionary oil cleanup invention.

Uninhibited technology takes another blow from the east as China clamps down on Skype.

Too much reliance on technology? Apple takes heat in 2011 as software glitch silences alarm clocks of millions, causing missed flights and late appearances at work.

Jury gets to decide whether Courtney Love’s Twitter trash talk constitutes defamation.

Ninth Circuit strengthens “first sale doctrine,” holding resale of promotional CDs is legal.

After arguing sale of single songs violates “artistic integrity” of album, Pink Floyd and EMI reach settlement allowing sales to go forward.

YouTube, MySpace accounts help law enforcement learn about shooter of Congresswoman Giffords and others.


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