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Estate of superstar Bette Davis sues Los Angeles clothing store for dress it claims violates the actress’s publicity rights.

Copyright issues still unresolved in the Barack Obama “HOPE” Image controversy.

RapidShare, named as a contributor to digital piracy by a MarkMonitor report, has threatened to sue for defamation.

Golden Globe Awards come under fire as former publicist sues Hollywood Foreign Press Association for “payola” connected to the show.

Smartphones may be turning regular citizens into digital pirates when camera phones used to capture copyrighted images.

Scholars grapple with the legal status of online personal information, looking to protection of letters and phone calls for guidance.

Second Circuit rules documentary filmmaker cannot invoke Journalist privilege to prevent Chevron from obtaining outtakes from the footage for litigation.

Hollywood watches as federal judge decides the constitutionality of strong protection of publicity rights for deceased celebrities.

Innovators struggle to get consumers to plan for what happens to their “digital life” after they die.

Sports agent raises eyebrows as he represents both sides of dispute among big executives for the Cleveland Browns.


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