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Viacom agrees to pay $1.75 million for class action copyright suit related to BET’s failure to obtain proper “sync” licenses for its programs.

Mobile Resource Card, a financial services company, is suing the Kardashian sisters for walking away from a deal for prepaid celebrity-endorsed debit cards, asking $75 million in damages.

Ten years later, Napster loses again in court.

Google takes position on file-sharing by filtering out piracy-related keywords from auto-complete feature of its search engine.

Kesha’s former management company wants lawsuit against her to proceed quickly, fearing the star is a one-hit wonder who will run out of cash.

Music business ally heads to Washington as Obama nominates the litigator who killed Grokster the solicitor general of the United States.

Japan’s highest court doesn’t buy “Sony Rule” modification arguing for fair use of “place-shifting” of television shows over the Internet.

Twitter sued by VS Technologies for alleged patent infringement of the company’s “method and system for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people.”

Your personal, private data pays for the “free” Facebook and Google time.

Former Kansas University consultant pleads guilty to wire fraud for $2 million dollar ticket scalping scandal.


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