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The King’s Speech involved with American Humane Society over impermissible use of their trademarked phrase “No animals were harmed” during the film’s credits.

The Future of Music Coalition kicks off new study to determine all the ways musicians can generate revenue in today’s music landscape.

Court rules that free Internet pornography does not unfairly compete with adult entertainment industry.

Super Bowl Sunday takes a new intellectual property twist as NFL claims it has the right to trademark the phrase “Super Bowl.

British government takes a second look at plans to block websites that infringe copyrights.

Twitter stands firm in policy and First Amendment, stating Tweets will not be removed from the server on the basis of content.

Cease-and-Desist letters abound in defense of intellectual property rights, but is their publication ethical?

Apple files patent application for new stylus method to reach university students.

Government statutory license still keeps Pandora from playing exactly what you want.


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