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Scramble ensues to get rights to “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” trademarks.

Obama issues executive order establishing two interagency advisory committees to oversee enforcement of IP rights.

Judge gives new life to EchoStar’s patent counter-attack against TiVo.

$1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against Marvel Entertainment over departure of Stan Lee dismissed with reprimand by federal judge.

Sony threatens to sue citizens over jailbreaking PlayStation 3, and asks federal judge to order Google to turn over IP addresses.

Business of music touring shows ugly face as Dr. Dre’s legal entanglement with City of Detroit over “Up In Smoke” tour heats up.

MPAA files monster lawsuit against “Cyberlocking” website HotFile related to illegal downloading of movies on the Internet.

Law student tackles the question of whether trademarks featured in fiction, like cartoons, are protectable.

Publicity rights law at issue in Jimi Hendrix case declared unconstitutional by judge.

Despite efforts, Google’s search engine formula still manipulated to promote certain results.


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