jacobThe Twilight franchise has grossed almost $800 million, and Nanette Shipley alleges she has not gotten a fair share of this blood bank. Nanette filed a lawsuit in LA superior court claiming that Maverick Films did not pay her what she was owed for being the literary scout who discovered the books with box office shattering potential. Maverick Films is a production company that was started by none other than Madonna. Shipley claims that she was promised $175,000 for her work with Twilight and the lesser known film, The Lightning Thief,  but that Maverick only paid her $20,000. Consequently, she is asking for $155,000 plus attorney’s  fees.

Basically, Shipley claims the blood has been sucked out of her contract without just compensation in the form of a hot vampire boyfriend or cash to purchase her long-desired cabin in the woods. If Shipley can prove that there was a contract for her to recieve $175,000, and that she performed her side of the bargain, she should be able to collect the $155,000. However, she has a long road in front of her.

Will Shipley be able to drive a stake through the heart of Maverick Films or will she hide in the shadows? Only time will tell. Until then, the most important question still remains: Edward or Jacob?

Jennifer Weizenecker

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