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Courtney Love pays out big bucks to settle Twitter defamation case.

Warner Brothers hires big-time lawyers in dispute with Charlie Sheen.

LimeWire has documents to show record industry the benefits of file-sharing.

Prince has become purple pain for Manhattan law firm claiming he owes serious green in legal fees.

Warner Brothers prevails in one of three Moral Kombat royalties lawsuit.

Cookbook Wars:  NY Supreme Court dismisses cookbook author’s suit against Jessica Seinfeld over alleged theft of healthy eating ideas.

Weinstein Co. sued for $50 million; filmmakers claim they were paid to keep quiet before Oscars.

Delaware Supreme Court rules that hushing black theatergoers is not a civil rights violation.

Production manager of Caddyshack sues A&E Network, claiming the network defamed him in show about making of 1980 comedy classic.

Sylvester Stallone set to stand trial for participating in alleged theft of pudding recipe for bodybuilders.


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