Congratulations to the following students, whose work will be published in Volume 14:

  • Whitney Boshers, What’s in a Name? Predictably Regulating Cyberfraud to Protect the Democratic Political Process
  • Katie Brown, The Risk of Taking Facebook at Face Value: Why the Psychology of Social Networking Should Influence the Evidentiary Relevance of Facebook Photographs
  • Stephen Josey, GPS Surveillance on Roadways and the Fourth Amendment
  • Meredith Lawrence, Edible Plagiarism: Reconsidering Recipe Copyright in the Digital Age
  • Charles Michels, Major League Baseball and the National Collegiate Athletic Association: Private Lotteries and Enforceable Contracts
  • Alex Pichette, Becoming Positive About Being Carbon Neutral: Requiring Public Accountability for Internet Companies
  • David Rutenberg, Silence of the Spam: Improving the CAN-SPAM Act by Including a Private Cause of Action
  • Jordan Teague, Promoting Trademark’s Ends & Means Through Online Contributory Liability
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