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YouTube sensation Rebecca Black squabbles with music production company Ark Music Factory over the rights to her “hit” song, Friday.2218475995_90ca204fe1-1

Microsoft makes plans to file an antitrust complaint against Google with the European Commission.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore continues to pursue his lawsuit against the Weinsteins for alleged fraudulent accounting methods used in Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 project.

The Parents Television Council accuses NBC’s ‘Playboy’ pilot of attempting to “obliterate any remaining standards of broadcast decency” by requiring actors to sign nudity clauses in their contracts.

A New York judge’s recent rejection of an updated Google Books settlement agreement spurs scholars and librarians to consider other possible avenues for creating a global digital library.

Inspired by the controversial website WikiLeaks, a conservative political group recently launched, a wiki site aimed at creating a database of freedom of information requests that scrutinize the Obama administration.

New York politician strikes deal with Craigslist to create a link entitled “NYC’s worst landlords” in hopes of using the power of online collaboration to reform the New York housing market.

Since removing information from the Internet is almost impossible, more people are turning to online reputation management specialists to help effectively erase the digital past.


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