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Yet another person steps forward claiming to own half of Facebook, now valued at around $50 billion.

Federal prosecutors go all in, conducting the largest-ever crackdown on online poker websites.

Google gets hit with another antitrust complaint, this time by Korean search providers.

Dispute resolution?  There’s an app for that: Squabbler.

Microsoft to urge Supreme Court to back away from long-standing precedent of requiring proof of patent invalidity by clear and convincing evidence, a result that would significantly weaken the scope of patent protection.

Nicolas Cage arrested on domestic violence charges after an altercation with his wife of six years.

Lindsay Lohan is back in jail again after failing her recent drug test.

Senators Kerry and McCain reach across the aisle to develop an online privacy bill.

Does Paris Hilton’s experience with the law demonstrate that our drug laws are too draconian?

What should be done about Hollywood’s drug overdose epidemic?

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron, denied bail for drug violations.

Is Google in over its head in legal problems?


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