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KISS bassist Gene Simmons, who threatened to “sue [Anonymous'] pants off” after they attacked his website last October, comments on the FBI’s recent raid of the home of a 15-year-old suspected to be involved in the attacks.

Child protective services called in on Mariah Carey due to allegations of drug use.

Google tries to make a name for itself in the Europe local search market in the face of a number of regulatory challenges.

E.U. considers tightening privacy protection on cellphone geographic location data.

Sony begins restoring its PlayStation online gaming network after a group of hackers forced it offline a month ago.

White House pushes for tougher penalties for computer crimes.

After a five-year battle in court, the RIAA and major labels settle with LimeWire.

Online seller pleads guilty to threatening customers who posted negative reviews of his business online, which hurt his website’s search engine rankings.


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