Since time immemorial, mankind has imagined the end – the end of entertainment and technology and the beginning of the apocalypse. Saturday marked the beginning of the end, as Jesus descended from the ether to rapture true believers to heaven, where they would presumably enjoy superior entertainment and technology. Now judged and deemed unworthy, those reading this blog from anywhere other than heaven must wait for the October 21, 2011 end of the earth. Alternative scenarios include the possibilities that no such judgment day has yet happened or that Jesus is extremely picky.

While reasonable people may have scoffed at Harold Camping’s and Family Radio’s claims, followers quit their jobs and maxed out credit cards in preparation for the event, ready to leave their earthly possessions (and debt) behind. Now that this most recent judgment day appears to be nothing more than a normal Saturday, at least one attorney is ready to represent the victims under the eyes of a judge of law rather than Judge of the Universe. What claims he might bring on behalf of those duped is unclear, but false and misleading advertising is a possibility. If so, a host of issues could arise, including First Amendment speech and religion questions, commercial speech questions, and consistency with New York Times v. Sullivan for private speech torts. Though legal claims are fuzzy, one thing remains clear: the world will certainly end in 2012, and critical and user reception tells us that it won’t be pretty.

– Andrew Ralls

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  1. Kevin Lumpkin says:

    I’m waiting for the contract disputes against Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. Unilateral mistake? Mutual mistake? Unconscionabilitly?