A Fairleigh Dickinson University physics professor was arrested Sunday for operating an Internet-based, high-tech prostitution ring.  Professor David Flory was apprehended at an Albuquerque, New Mexico Starbucks on forty counts of promoting prostitution.  Flory was caught redhanded while logging on to his website “Southwest Companions.”

An Albuquerque police lieutenant stated that the sixty-eight year old “built in several layers to protect himself.”  Because of this, the accused “was surprised, very surprised” when he was apprehended.

Flory attempted to protect himself from getting caught by only allowing men whom he trusted access to his website.  In order to gain access to the password-protected website, police have reported that men had to sleep with a prostitute.  The website was created so men and prostitutes could interact without worrying about police involvement.  Members of Southwest Companions could choose from over 200 prostitutes, receive counter-intelligence on law enforcement officials, and obtain legal advice if caught.  Albuquerque police learned of the site after arresting suspected prostitutes.

In a strange twist, Flory told police that he did not profit off of the website.  In fact, the website was a self-proclaimed “hobby” of the probably soon-to-be-ex-professor in an effort to safely connect men and women.

While Fairleigh Dickinson University has yet to determine whether Flory will be fired or suspended from is job, a spokeswoman has stated that the school is saddened by the arrest.  Flory has taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University since 1980.

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