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AntiSec hackers’ latest victim is FBI contractor IRC Federal.

Google will soon testify before the Senate about antitrust concerns related to Google’s growing dominance on the Internet.

Social media gave the public a new powerful way to debate the efficacy of our legal system in the wake of the Casey Anthony trial verdict.

Streaming music service Spotify plans to launch in the United States next week.

Secret Service begins investigating “People Who Stare At Computers,” a Tumblr blog that features photos surreptitiously gleaned from demo computers in Apple stores.

Google goes social with its newest service, Google+.

Internet service providers toughen penalties for infringers in attempt to slow music piracy.

Facebook and Skype join forces to offer video chat through the social network provider.

NHTSA approves flying car for road use.

Pyrotechnics at Rihanna concert set the venue on fire, requiring evacuation of the show.


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