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An “Apple Store” in China was recently revealed to be a fake, taking the idea of counterfeiting to a new level.

Hacker groups Anonymous and LulzSec taunt FBI over recent arrests of hackers suspected to be involved in the 2010 PayPal data breach.

Recently-discovered security flaw in Apple laptop battery could turn your MacBook into a ticking time bomb.

Google+ reaches critical mass of 20 million users.

Found dead in her London home, singer Amy Winehouse tragically joins the ranks of many young musicians who have died from drug overdosing.

Now that the NASA space program has been put to rest, will private companies try and commercialize outer space?

Federal judge dismissed the Winklevoss twins’ most recent suit against Facebook, in which the twins had alleged that Zuckerburg had suppressed evidence in the original litigation.

Chinese spies suspected in recent hacking of IMF computers.


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