It’s an ordinary week for Tracy Jordan, but for everyone else, it’s Shark WeekIn the news…

Like its vehicles, China’s version of the First Amendment may be less robust than America’s.

America is #1, but can it expand its lead? Find out tomorrow. USA! USA! USA!

For the millionth time, the Arrested Development movie is a go! What is that awesome illusion behind Will Arnett?

James Naismith’s original rules of basketball are likely to be displayed in Lawrence, Kansas, the home of the Jayhawks and basketball.

Does Facebook’s latest move raise privacy concerns? Probably.

Google breaks ground on ultra-fast high speed internet in Kansas City. Will my parents now stop leeching wi-fi from their neighbors?

Ski lawyers triumph in a frivolous negligence lawsuit against Copper Mountain. To be safe, Copper should hire a ski lawyer to inspect the rest of its slopes.

Are smartphone patents doing more harm than good?


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