The hacking group Anonymous has hacked into some 70 rural law enforcement websites in retaliation for arrests here in America and abroad.

Britain aims to modernize its copyright laws to allow “format-shifting”, i.e. copying DVDs onto iPods.

NFL players can expect steroid and human growth hormone tests early-and-often with the new collective bargaining agreement. In other testing news, MLB has put its players on notice about deer antler spray.

One half of the rap group Outkast, Big Boi, was arrested for drug possession this weekend in Miami.

What happens when Google’s self-driven car is manually driven?

Among other things, a new Missouri law prohibits students and teachers from poking each other on Facebook.

Coach Krzyzewski might have committed a recruiting violation. However, if you’re expecting Duke to be punished, don’t hold your breath.

Facebook is offering a “bounty” to attendees at the Defcon Hacking Conference.


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