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U.S. government contemplates adopting the equivalent of an online driver’s license in an effort to combat Internet fraud.

Protestors band together through the Internet to campaign against the imposition of the death penalty on a Georgia inmate.

Sony amends PlayStation Network terms of service to prevent users from joining future class action lawsuits against the company.

New pricing scheme is causing Netflix users to leave in droves.

Yahoo! begins to consider bids from potential buyers.

There’s an aftermarket for almost everything–even Groupons.

eBay builds new division, X.commerce, to attract developers.

Image-searching celebrities can put your computer at risk for getting a virus.

NASA satellite pieces will hit earth sometime next week, and fortunately, the odds of a piece falling directly on you are only 1 in 3,200.

Interim Yahoo! CEO gets handsome raise.

Seven states oppose proposed AT&T merger with T-Mobile.

Will Netflix disrupt the film industry in the same way that online song download services have shaken up the music business?


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