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Former-teen-star-turned-business-owner Melissa Joan Hart sued for racial profiling.

Violations of NCAA rule against illegal payments for prospects’ unofficial visits a growing concern.

In response to numerous recent hacking attacks, Department of Homeland Security is partnering with Idaho National Labs in infrastructure vulnerability research.

AT&T urges court to prevent Sprint from participating in the antitrust suit involving the proposed T-Mobile merger.

Google and Apple lobby Congress for tax holiday on offshore profits.

Facebook facing scrutiny from Irish regulators regarding privacy issues.


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  1. Virginia Maynard says:

    Sprint’s attempt to join the AT&T suit is in some manner exactly the type of industry self-regulation antitrust relies on. But the presence of a competitor in the lawsuit significantly muddies the waters, and raises the age-old concern about protecting competitors rather than competition. If Sprint is concerned about the merger, it may indicate it generates exactly the sort of competition antitrust is meant to protect. Sprint will instead argue that its claim is founded on anti-competitive effects, which will surely flow from an unduly powerful merged entity.