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Is high-speed, computerized stock trading making market swings worse?

Stanford Hospital accidentally leaked medical information of 20,000 patients.

Network used to operate U.S. military drone planes was hit by a computer virus.

New York police apprehended suspected iPhone thief thanks to the iGotYa app, which the phone’s owner had installed in case her phone was ever stolen.

Sony plans to purchase the movie rights to Steve Jobs’ biography.

Obama administration issued executive order aimed at deterring the leak of classified data from government computers.

Poker website operators asking Congress to legitimize and regulate online poker.

European Commission approves Microsoft’s purchase of Skype.

Social media has enabled protestor group Occupy Wall Street to proliferate its message throughout the country and world.

FCC plans to use the telephone customer-funded Universal Service Fund to expand broadband.

Commentator explains that, although Google has an undoubtedly high market share in the search market, U.S. antitrust law only condemns high market share achieved through intentional attempts to monopolize.


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