• Should the U.S., Through IP Laws and Other Means, Protect Businesses from “Gray Goods” Imported Without Manufacturers’ Authorization?
  • Facebook privacy debate is a passionate one.
  • A US Congressional subcommittee
    has requested information from Facebook, Twitter, and others about how they collect and store user data from mobile apps.
  • Supreme Court issues unanimous ruling in Mayo v. Prometheus. The IP and patent consequences could be far-reaching.
  • FCC clarifies rules for Low Power FM radio stations.

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  1. Kelly Donley says:

    It looks like the information gathering and storing practices of a social networking app have prompted the subcomittee’s inquiry. If successful, the investigation should shed light on why apps are gathering users’ address book entries and photographs, among other data, and how they are keeping such data secure. See the letters of inquiry posted here: http://democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/index.php?q=news/ranking-members-waxman-and-butterfield-launch-inquiry-into-information-collection-and-use-pract