• The jury in the Oracle v. Google battle ends its deliberations, failing to decide some issues, and finding in Oracle’s favor on others (but the judge limited damages to statutory damages only). Google will seek a  mistrial.
  • The heirs of the creator of the Pepsi recipe are headed to court to defend their right to keep the original documents that spell out the recipe.
  • Washington University announces that it will offer an online-only LLM course. Will we see more law schools follow suit?
  • The Sixth Circuit has decided that a wax seal on a bottle of bourbon is protected trade dress.
  • Twitter changes its patent policy to prevent the company from suing others unless it has permission from the employees who created the patent. The company hopes that others will follow a similar model in an effort to reduce costly and excessive patent litigation.

Congrats to the class of 2012! Have a great week!

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