From the monthly archives: November 2012

Since the advent of the Internet, for better or for worse, government institutions have been struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology.  One topic that is of particular importance for all Internet users is the security of their private information – email addresses, passwords, financial data, etc.  There have been many instances in which savvy [...]

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Newcastle United and Its Advertising Conundrum

On November 28, 2012 By Tracy Hancock

British Premier League club Newcastle United may be facing a difficult situation with four of its star players. The club recently signed a sponsorship deal with the pay-day loan company Wonga. Under this deal, the Wonga logo will appear front and center on the Newcastle kits (jerseys). The [...]

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No Quick Fixes for Facebook Privacy

On November 27, 2012 By Collins Kilgore







Recently, Facebook announced proposed changes to its Data Use Policy, including added information sharing with advertisers and nixing user voting on potential future alterations to its privacy policies.  As is to be expected, this proposal created a bit of an uproar from [...]

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MLB contract negotiations are well underway for baseball’s free agents.  Many players have already been signed.  For example, David Ortiz re-signed with the Red Sox and Torii Hunter signed with the Tigers.  However, many other players are still in the process of negotiating, including Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke.  For a complete list of [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On November 26, 2012 By Brandon Trout

Apple forced to disclose details of patent settlement with HTC. US patent chief to software patent critics: “Give it a rest.” Several governments raise objections to new top-level domain names, including .wtf, .islam, and .baby. Student suspended for refusing to wear school’s RFID chip. Can [...]

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Thanksgiving Break, We’ll be back soon!

On November 19, 2012 By Brandon Trout

Our bloggers are taking the week off for Thanksgiving, join us back here next Monday for your regularly-scheduled blogging!

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This Call May Be Monitored…

On November 16, 2012 By Emma Stephens

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Clapper v. Amnesty International USA, a case on appeal from the Second Circuit in which the Court will address whether a group including lawyers, journalists, and civil liberties advocates possesses Article III standing in a suit seeking relief against the federal government’s ongoing warrantless wiretapping [...]

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Can casting directors discriminate based on race (or possibly any other basis)?  Under the First Amendment, they can.  The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee recently addressed this question in Claybrooks v. ABC, Inc. In the case, the plaintiffs, two African-American men, alleged discrimination in the casting decisions of the [...]

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Obama Lets Astronauts Keep Their Toothbrushes

On November 14, 2012 By Michael Silliman

Obama recently enacted a bill confirming astronauts’ ownership of artifacts from Apollo-era missions.

The new law (H.R. 4158) grants pre-shuttle-era astronauts full ownership [...]

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It has been a week now since the election and, as expected, Florida played less of a role in apportioning its twenty-nine votes in the Electoral College than expected.  However, the process for selecting these electors during voting last Tuesday relied heavily on a key device—the voting machine.  Without voting machines, there is [...]

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