• Yet Another Court Says IP Addresses Are Not Enough To Positively Identify Infringers.
  • Fox sues Dish again over the Hopper, this time over place-shifting, not ad-skipping.
  • Apple patent app describes flexible, wearable, watch-like AMOLED device.
  • White House threatens trade sanctions for countries found cyber-snooping.
  • Google Glass patent application shows detailed diagrams.
  • Montreal transit authority threatens $49,200 fine over new Counter-Strike map.
  • Samsung receives patent for music player that lets you add your own riffs.
  • Unusually detailed report links Chinese military to hacks against US.
  • Farmer’s Supreme Court fight to limit Monsanto seed patents looks bleak.
  • BlackBerry granted gesture recognition patent for touch-free image manipulation.
  • Illinois SB1614 Legislative Detail - “the Internet Posting Removal Act.”
  • Google looks to cut funds to illegal sites.
  • The Pirate Bay reports anti-piracy outfit to the police.

–Brandon Trout

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