• Indian government apparently sponsors botnet takedown competition–of a live botnet.
  • Judge: Warner Bros. owns Superman rights.
  • Android tethering feature likely infringes Nokia patent.
  • Cyber attack on South Korean banks and TV networks destroys data instead of just listening in–but who’s to blame?
  • Yankees prevent registration (PDF) of “Baseball’s Evil Empire” trademark on likelihood-of-confusion grounds. [H/T Technology & Marketing Law Blog]
  • Marsh: 2012 saw 30% increase in number of companies purchasing cyber insurance.
  • It (possibly) gets worse for Prenda: alleged pornographic copyright troll now subject to claims that it set up a subsidiary using a stolen identity.
  • NIST web servers hosting national software vulnerability database hacked; taken offline. Once upon a time, this would have been ironic. Now, it’s just expected.
  • PatentlyO: US on track for record number of utility patents in 2013.

–Brad Edmondson

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