• Google applies for a patent on an interface between its Google Glass augmented reality display and your microwave (and all your other appliances too) [H/T qrcodepress.com]
  • Largest DDoS ever publicly disclosed afflicts Spamhaus anti-spam group. If CyberBunker really behind it, and as they apparently claim, they have fended off Dutch SWAT teams attempting to enter their headquarters by force, should the law more strictly regulate hosting companies operating data centers in military-grade bunkers?
  • Is Google’s letter to the FTC (accompanying, but not a part of, a settlement agreement) commercial speech that could be the basis of a private party’s lawsuit? Or not?
  • Supreme Court of Canada rules that seizure of text messages in near-real-time requires a wiretap warrant (which, in Canada, are more stringent than general warrants).
  • Congress passes continuing resolution that prohibits government purchase of IT equipment “produced, manufactured or assembled by one or more entities that are owned, directed or subsidized by the People’s Republic of China.” This could include IT equipment made by semi-private, partially-state-controlled entities anywhere in the world. Is a showdown with the WTO in the cards?
  • Applications surged in the days before the new America Invents Act’s first-inventor-to-file standard went into effect for new applications on March 19. The change brings the US closer to international standards, though the US also remains one of only a handful of countries with a grace period for novelty.

–Brad Edmondson

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