• Bank not liable to cyber-heist victim company that had expressly declined to use the additional security controls it offered
  • A federal district court hears arguments about whether the FBI’s use of a “stingray” device, which pretends to be a cell phone tower so that it can collect information from phones and air cards that connect to it, violates the Fourth Amendment. Do you think this means that the government was “not forthright” in its warrant applications? [US District Court for the District of Arizona, Docket No. 2:08CR00814] [H/T SANS]
  • Google relaxes, unifies its policy on bidding on another company’s trademark: owners can no longer block rivals from submitting bids anywhere in the world.
  • Aereo: private tiny-antenna rental service, or public performance of copyrighted over-the-air TV broadcasts? The Second Circuit says the latter, and upholds the trial court’s refusal to enjoin the controversial service.

–Brad Edmondson

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