• Oprah Winfrey must once again defend her use of “Own Your Power.” JETLaw contributor and Senior Publications Editor Jonathan Hoffman analyzes the case here (forthcoming).
  • Team Antitrust and Team IP duke it out: the makers of a Twilight parody film allege anticompetitive conduct against Lionsgate
  • Google wins yet another AdWords-related trademark lawsuit, killing the plaintiff’s trademark in the process. Do you agree with this analysis calling keyword trademark lawsuits generally “a bad business decision”?
  • Read Orin Kerr’s there’s-no-statutory-controversy-here overview of the Stored Communications Act in the Obama administration’s seizure of a reporter’s email.
  • Taiwan proposes legislation that would give its government the power to block Taiwanese Internet users’ access to foreign sites that infringe that country’s IP laws. Meanwhile, Singapore tightened its restrictions on websites of the press, requiring new licenses to operate large websites that even occasionally report on news from the island.
  • Former PTO director writes in defense of software patents. Do you buy it? [H/T PatentlyO]

–Brad Edmondson

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