• Federal judge rules that Google must comply with National Security Letters
  • Motorola demos password tokens you can swallow–and others you can have tattooed into your skin
  • New Zealand police must give copies of most of the files seized in the MegaUpload case to Kim Dotcom (if they are irrelevant to the case) or to his legal team (if they are relevant)
  • Maine passes a bill (now pending the governor’s signature) that would force police to get a warrant to track cell phones. It would be the first state in the country to require a warrant. Maine’s Attorney General’s Office revealed that it is currently monitoring location data on “hundreds” of cell phones (Maine’s population is about 1.3 million).
  • Federal officials confirm that the NSA is monitoring the connection details (though not the contents) of every single Verizon call. [h/t Guardian]
  • The existence of another, even more stunningly broad surveillance program at was leaked. The apparent leaker, Edward Snowden, said that his aim was to spark a political debate over the surveillance program. He has fled to Hong Kong.
  • A “unitary patent system” was proposed for the EU.
  • France backs away from three-strikes copyright violation law; violators’ Internet service will not be shut off.

–Brad Edmondson

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