• In the Ninth Circuit, Google argues that the Wiretap Act does not prohibit interception of unencrypted wireless transmissions.
  • The Supreme Court unanimously rules in Myriad that isolated DNA is not patentable, while cDNA is. [H/T PatentlyO; SCOTUSBlog]
  • Monsanto keeps farmers who were worried about inadvertent infringement out of court. They were seeking a declaratory judgment of non-infringement or invalidity.
  • Aereo loses bid to depose CBS executive in ongoing trial-level fight over copyright infringement.
  • Alleged movie-piracy ring broken up in California.
  • Google claims that it detected and “disrupted” phishing attacks against Iranian Gmail users in the run-up to Friday’s election. [H/T CDT]
  • Google asks for permission to publish aggregated data on national security requests. Is Google worried about losing customer trust?
  • Apple’s attempt to add the Galaxy S4 to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung plods along. Do you think the court should allow it?

–Brad Edmondson

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