From the monthly archives: September 2013

RSA Blames NSA

On September 30, 2013 By Jonathan Hoffmann

Last week, RSA, the security division of EMC, recommended that its customers stop using a community-developed encryption algorithm standard known as Dual EC DRBG because the NSA had inserted a backdoor into that cryptographic key creation product. This move by RSA came after the NIST issued a [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On September 30, 2013 By Bradlee Edmondson

U.S.-Iranian Twitter diplomacy, LexisNexis and Dun & Bradstreet are hacked, NSA employees cyberstalk lovers, and NSA reform bills

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Y – M – C – No More?

On September 27, 2013 By William Wojcik

Last May, Victor Willis, a former member of The Village People, scored a major legal victory in federal court in California. Judge Barry Moskowitz held that record labels could not block Willis from exercising his “termination rights” under the Copyright Act of 1978. A few weeks ago, despite claims from record label attorneys [...]

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As Americans become more likely to buy products based on green and health-conscientious labels, many companies have tried to capitalize on these new marketing strategies. But these campaigns are not without risk. Despite highly interpretative FDA guidance on “all-natural” products, some litigants are willing to take on major corporations.

In one high-profile suit, [...]

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Can Your iPhone 5 Plead the Fifth?

On September 25, 2013 By Emily Green

With the highly anticipated release of Apple’s new iPhone comes an unexpected constitutional law question.

Apple’s iPhone 5 allows users to unlock the phone with their fingerprints. Many commentators have been quick to point out the economic and scientific implications of this new technology, but Attorney Marcia Hofmann pointed [...]

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Aggressive DMCA Take-Downs Stifling Internet Speech?

On September 24, 2013 By Zachary Altman

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed by Congress in 1998 to provide relief for copyright holders dealing with infringement in the new age of digital media where the internet has made reproduction and distribution of information so easy. Unfortunately, current application of the DMCA verges on chilling the free speech [...]

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Inked-up Athletes May Need to Pay Up

On September 23, 2013 By Andrew Solinger

Remember two years ago when there was fear that the release of the much-anticipated movie “The Hangover Part II” would be delayed due to a possible lawsuit relating to the Mike-Tyson-esque tattoo on actor Ed Helms’ face? Well, the tattoo-copyright dragon has reared its fearsome head once again. Recently the [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On September 23, 2013 By Bradlee Edmondson

Patent trolls, NSA, FTC, oh my!

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This past Thursday, Twitter announced (through a tweet, of course!) that it has initiated the process for an initial public offering.  In the past few days, there has been much speculation about the potential effects of Twitter’s I.P.O.

Some articles, including one in the New York Times, express [...]

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Let’s Get It On: Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye

On September 19, 2013 By John Lomascolo

For many people, the days of truly talented, original, creative, and charismatic musicians and artists are long gone. Many miss the quality of music from legends like Elvis, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra. For those who miss the iconic soul of Marvin Gaye, they may have been happy, or [...]

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