JETLaw moves up 33 spots!


In the annual law journal rankings compiled by Washington & Lee University School of Law, JETLaw has risen another thirty-three spots — to No. 167, our highest rank ever!

We thank our exceptional authors for contributing high-quality scholarship and congratulate them for the warm reception their work has received in the academy over the past eight years. Because of their scholarship, Washington & Lee ranks JETLaw as one of the top ten journals publishing on IP law and in science & technology law. We are a top-five journal in arts & entertainment law, and we are particularly proud to be tied for second in judicial citations among IP journals. And in addition, Google Scholar ranks us second in its technology law category.

We look forward to continuing to publish cutting-edge legal scholarship dedicated to the expanding nexus of entertainment, technology, and law in an increasingly connected world. Recognizing that this fusion of entertainment and technology poses novel legal issues in many fields of law, JETLaw welcomes scholarly submissions from the perspectives of copyright, administrative, sports, art, science, technology, and entertainment law, among others. In addition to the printed journal, JETLaw seeks to connect interested communities through its blog, which features accessible legal analysis of current events, cases, and issues related to the journal’s scope.

JETLaw is currently accepting submissions for the 2014–2015 academic year.

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