• The US Copyright Office issues a report stating that “[t]he Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants,” an example of which is a “photograph taken by a monkey.”


  • The UPS Store announces that 51 of its franchised stores were penetrated by a “broad-based malware intrusion.”
  • Community Health Systems, a healthcare system announces a data breach affecting approximately 4.5 million patients in an 8-K filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • Oregon Attorney General sues Oracle for “racketeering activity.”
  • Silk Road suspect Ross Ulbricht gets hit with new drug charges.


  • US District Judge Lucy Koh rules that Samsung will not be able to use Alice v. CLS Bank to invalidate Apple’s universal search and swipe-to-unlock patents because Samsung did not previously raise any Section 101 defenses.
  • Northern California District Court judge rules that BlackBerry can pursue a contempt of court charge against Typo, the company that makes a BlackBerry-like keyboard for the iPhone.
  • Patent troll Personal Audio LLC releases a statement announcing that it has “no intention of suing podcasters that are making modest amounts of money from podcasting.”


  • A Wolverhampton judge sentences a 25-year-old British man to 33 months in jail for pirating a copy of Fast and Furious 6.


  • Airbnb announces it will hand over data on 124 of its hosts within New York City to the New York Attorney General.
  • The New York Police Department (NYPD) settles a civil rights lawsuit with a man who claimed the NYPD arrested and strip-searched him after he photographed a stop-and-frisk of three African-American.


  • Nassau County of New York forgives thousands of speeding tickets from malfunctioning speed cameras.
  • A Wikipedia administrator imposes a 30-day editing ban on the IP address used by staff at the US House of Representatives for making controversial edits on transgender-related articles.
  • Delaware becomes the first state to enact a law giving heirs and executors the authority to take legal control of digital assets during incapacitaton or after death.
  • A Brazilian civil court grants a preliminary injunction  prohibiting Apple, Google, and Microsoft from distributing anonymous sharing apps, Secret and Cryptic.
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announces that his departure from the company’s board.


  • Matthew Berry, chief of staff to Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, argues to the National Conference of State Legislatures that the FCC has no authority to invalidate state laws governing local broadband networks, including laws blocking municipal broadband.
  • Netflix agrees to pay ISP Time Warner Cable for access to broadband networks.
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