• Make-up and YouTube star Michelle Phan pursues counterclaims against Ultra alleging abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by misrepresentation during the takedown process.
  • Nontra Records files a lawsuit against Jamie Foxx alleging that Foxx’s “Party Ain’t a Party” lyrics are identical to lyrics sung by J Rand.


  • A U.S. jury finds financial institution, Arab Bank PLC, liable for assisting terrorist organization Hamas.


  • Google pulls its support of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council due to the organization’s skepticism of climate change.


  • A jury finds that CBS’s website infringed a podcasting patent held by patent troll Personal Audio LLC.

Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Apple and Google announce that their newer devices will automatically encrypt and protect user data from everyone, including police.
  • Lawmakers introduce the Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad (LEADS) Act which would require police to obtain a warrant before searching through someone’s emails and online documents and would also prevent police from using the warrant to obtain overseas data.


  • Former minor-league players file a lawsuit against Major League Baseball and its 30 teams alleging violations of state and federal minimum wage and overtime laws.

Telecommunications and Net Neutrality

  • CTIA-The Wireless Association, which represents major wireless carriers and device manufacturers, seeks a change in the way the Federal Communications Commission’s $8 billion Universal Service Fund (USF) is funded.
  • The Internet Association files a comment with the FCC urging it to consider examining and potentially blocking state laws that ban cities from building their own Internet services.
  • The number of comments on the FCC’s plans for new net neutrality regulations surge in the days leading to the comment deadline, more than doubling its break the agency’s previous comment record.
  • The National Labor Relations Board orders CNN to rehire over 100 union technicians.


  • Ride-sharing company Lyft hires its third lobbying firm.
  • The Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla should be able to directly sell its cars to consumers.
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