In what is turning into a publicity circus for popular EDM group Krewella, former bandmate Kris Trindl, better known by his performance moniker “Rain Man,” is suing the remaining members of the group, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousef, for $5 million. The suit arises from Trindl’s apparent forced exodus from the group, which he alleges was the result of his newfound sobriety. Trindl, who had entered rehab in the past year for an alcohol abuse issue, claims that the Yousef’s did not like his new, non-partying persona. The suit further alleges that the Yousef’s used Trindl’s apparent depression as an excuse to exclude him from group activities such as touring, in an attempt to jettison him from the group and grab his one third share of the bands profits for themselves. The remaining band members replied on social media denying the allegations levied against them by Trindl, while offering few details due to the sensitive nature of the lawsuit.

Reaction to the news has been swift and wide-ranging across social media, with many fans and fellow artists, such as the always outspoken producer Deadmau5, decrying the group for allegedly forcing out their main creative force. Still, others have spoken out against the criticism levied against the group as largely sexist in nature. Either way, this appears to be ripe for a messy legal battle, which, given our social media obsessed culture, will probably play out largely in the public eye.

This is, of course, not the first time that Krewella has been involved in a legal dispute. In 2013, veteran managers Barbara Kennedy and Terry Casey sued the group for firing them without paying and in breach of a six-year contract between the two sides. That litigation is still pending.

Chicago natives, Trindl and the Yousef sisters created Krewella in 2007.  In recent years, the group has become massively successful, with hit single “Alive” and number one album “Get Wet” backing a popular touring schedule. It remains to be seen if their popularity takes a hit with the recent developments.


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  1. Chastity Bobo says:

    This case brings up some interesting issues of how people suffering from mental illness are treated and whether legal protections may be available. Hopefully these legal issues do not impede his recovery and treatment.

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