With the prevalence of over-sharing on social media, it is inevitable that some would find posts crude or offensive.   While most will simply ignore or block those posts they find offensive, recently a new social media platform in Brazil has taken advantage of large swaths of individuals who find the content on Facebook to be too offensive and have launched a new social media website dedicated to “sin free” posting called Facegloria.

The new site has much stricter content restrictions than Facebook, banning over 600 words, erotic content, violence, and references to homosexuality.  It has also changed the “like” feature to “amen.”  Apart from these changes, however, Facegloria bears a physical resemblance to Facebook’s design and color scheme.  Brazil, where the site is based and where the creator is a national and current resident, has proven to be a hotbed for users with its large, and still growing, evangelical population, reaching over 100,000 users in its first month of existence.

Facebook, for its part, however, is not pleased by the new site and has filed a cease and desist letter, warning that the new company is infringing on its trademark.  Initial reactions by Facegloria have not been as receptive to the demand as Facebook would have liked.  A possible dispute between the social media platforms is sure to raise a myriad of interesting trademark and competitive issues.

Still, Facegloria has its sights on a larger user base, hoping to expand globally.  It has even purchased the English domain Faceglory.com with the hopes of expanding to that market in the near future. Further, the founder of Facegloria, Atilla Barros, while acknowledging the inspirational impact that Facebook has had on his own site and has hopes to forge a partnership with Facebook.  Whether such an, unlikely, future partnership develops we will just have to wait and see.

Kevin Cavino

One Response to Facebook Gears up for Trademark Fight With Brazilian Competitor

  1. Eskarina says:

    Well, good luck with that one, mind the Zuckerberg steamroller…..