Profile for Dahni Barav

Journal Position: Staff

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Previous Education: B.A. Washington University in St. Louis

Areas of Interest: Environmental Law, Mediation and ADR

Work Experience: Intern, U.S. Attorney's Office, Asheville, North Carolina; Intern, Federal Public Defender's Office, Nashville, TN; Project Manager, The Brookings Institution; Research Associate, The World Security Institute

Blog Posts:
  • Courts Split on the Constitutionality of NSA Surveillance Programs — Rand Paul Wants to Settle the Issue in the US Supreme Court - 2/12/2014
  • Yelp Cracks Down on Fake Reviewers - 10/7/2013
  • Eastman’s Gamble: Is It Worth Publicly Fighting Bad Press? - 7/24/2013
  • U.N. to Regulate the Internet? - 2/8/2013
  • California Allows Public Testing of Driverless Cars, but Legal and Safety Concerns Remain - 10/8/2012