Profile for Edwin Chadwick

Journal Position: Articles Editor

Hometown: Bay Village, OH

Previous Education: Yale University, B.A. in History, 2008

Areas of Interest: Litigation, Business Law

Work Experience: The Honorable Hamilton Gayden, First Circuit Court, Twentieth Judicial District, Davidson County, Extern (2010)

Blog Posts:
  • Another Legal Headache for the NFL: The Bounty Problem - 3/21/2012
  • Swing and a Miss: New Development in the Lawsuit Against the Mets’ Owners - 10/1/2011
  • Taking Back Song Copyrights - 8/18/2011
  • Modern Warfare: U.S. Government Developing Cyberwar Policy - 6/2/2011
  • Federal Judge Rules in Favor of NFLPA over Television Contracts - 3/4/2011
  • J. Edgar Hoover 2.0: New Efforts to Wiretap the Internet - 9/30/2010