Profile for Julie Latsko

Journal Position: Notes Editor

Hometown: Voorhees, New Jersey

Previous Education: The College of New Jersey

Areas of Interest: Litigation, Intellectual Property

Work History: Judicial Intern for The Honorable E. Clifton Knowles (summer 2011); Public Financing Analyst at the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (2008-2010); Intern Child Advocate at the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate (2006-2007)

Blog Posts:
  • Profiting from Tragedy: Congress Members Say Enough is Enough - 3/1/2013
  • Ten Expensive Little Words: Faulkner Estate Sues Over Brief Quote in Woody Allen Film - 11/7/2012
  • Third Degree Felony Charges for Facebooking: Texas Tweens Learn the Consequences of Cyberbullying the Hard Way - 8/1/2012
  • Blimey! Recent Study Suggests More Than Half of the World’s PC Users are Pirates - 6/5/2012
  • Will Pinterest Get Pricked for Copyright Law Violations? - 3/28/2012
  • Make Room for the Virtual Babysitter: FTC Proposes Amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule - 11/18/2011