PICTURED: Dr. Asma Vranaki

In her upcoming article “Facebook Advertisements: Of Relational Materiality, Rituals of Consent, and Data Commodification” in the John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law, Dr. Asma Vranaki analyzes data privacy regulation in the context of Facebook advertisements.

Dr. Vranaki makes the case for a change [...]

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The Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law is now ranked at a combined score of 115 out of 1,340 scholarly journals ranked by Washington and Lee. Among all English language student-edited journals, the journal is now ranked 107.

In areas of specialization, the Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law ranked fifth in Intellectual property, [...]

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In September 2015, the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion in what has been dubbed the “Dancing Baby copyright takedown case.”  The decision explained that a copyright holder who uses computer algorithms to flag infringing content on the web has satisfied the subjective good faith requirement necessary to issue a takedown notice under the Continue Reading

Starbucks’ Next Top Model: It Could Be You

On April 6, 2016 By ehicks

In today’s world, cameras are everywhere.  People use their phones to capture details of their everyday lives for social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat.  Tourists take pictures of city streets and attractions, inevitably capturing the surrounding crowd.  When you think about it, all of us have probably appeared in these types of pictures just [...]

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As explored in Part 1, street art is entitled to both legal protection under copyright law, but also legal use by others under the fair use doctrine. In the case of celebrity pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Vous Church though, the assumption of fair use has officially landed them in the courtroom. To recap, [...]

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The sharing economy has now entered into the commercial real estate industry with the evolution of office co-sharing. The basic idea behind office co-sharing is that multiple businesses and/or individual professionals work in the same physical office space doing away with the need to sign annual (or longer) leases. These spaces work great for start-ups, [...]

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Oculus Rift: The Future of Virtual Reality?

On April 4, 2016 By Sara Hunter

The tech world is buzzing following the official launch of virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, on Monday, March 28. The Rift is a large headset that uses customized optics designed for virtual reality along with a constellation tracking system to make the user feel like he is actually there. It is this sense of presence [...]

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The Future of Policing

On March 24, 2016 By jlukasiewicz

The police department of Fresno, California has been using the software program, Beware, for the last year now. It has recently decided to continue the use of the program after an initial free trial period. The makers of Beware, Intrado, wanted to develop a “tool to help
first responders understand the [...]

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