On the 24th of September, the Japanese Hayabisa2 space mission became the first to land Rovers on the surface of an asteroid. The two successful probes, MINERVA-II 1A and 1B, have safely executed their first movements and captured surface level photographs of the asteroid. Soon after, the now dead German asteroid rover MASCOT [...]

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Did You Accept These Terms and Conditions?

On October 8, 2018 By aehaston

By creating an account, you agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. This is an example of a sign-in wrap agreement, an electronic contract in which users manifest their assent to a service provider’s terms and conditions by creating an account. Electronic contracts enable efficient transactions in everyday life. Although these agreements [...]

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Are Inclusion Riders Legal?

On September 30, 2018 By jlgordon

On March 4, 2018, actress Frances McDorman ended her Best Actress speech at the Oscars with the words “inclusion rider.” This term was coined by Dr. Stacy L. Smith, an associate professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, in a Hollywood Reporter op-ed in 2014. An inclusion rider is a [...]

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Human-Animal Chimeras

On September 30, 2018 By diduru

Scientists from the Salk Institute engineered a human-pig hybrid in the lab, apparently the first successful human-animal crossbreed. Injecting human stem cells into animal embryos, they created what is called a chimera, or a creature that consists of cells from two individuals from the same or distinct species. Through their research, scientists [...]

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Buying and Selling Music in the Digital Era

On September 30, 2018 By cjgantt

When listening to a song on a streaming website such as Spotify or Apple Music most of us don’t give a second thought to what that means to the artist. The recent changes in streaming capabilities have fundamentally changed the way that the music industry works. Gone are the days when you walk to the [...]

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In June, the head of the Division of Corporation Finance at the SEC, William Hinman, opined that Bitcoin was not a security, “but that many, but not all, ICOs are securities and will come under the regulatory control of the SEC and relevant securities laws.” He went on to say that the [...]

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America’s leadership in 4G wireless technology allowed domestic companies to reap widespread benefits and become global leaders in a wide variety of industries. A report by CTIA, the wireless industry trade association, found that America’s leadership in 4G created $125 billion in revenue for domestic companies, boosted GDP, and led to an 84% increase [...]

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GoFundMe or GoFraudMe?

On September 23, 2018 By tkcaleb

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe create seemingly easy ways for family, friends, and strangers alike to come together and donate to a good cause. Donors can contribute to fund new technologies, cover funeral expenses, and “pay it forward” to deserving individuals.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr., a homeless veteran, used his last twenty dollars to help a stranded [...]

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