Google Fiber Nashville Litigation

On December 2, 2016 By smallick

Google Fiber recently paused its efforts to provide services in several cities in order to revamp its expansion approach. But in Nashville and Louisville, where Google Fiber’s progress was further along, Fiber hit a different kind of snag: legal challenges from other ISPs. This post focuses on the challenges brought in Nashville and their possible [...]

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Brexit and the Future of UK Sports

On November 22, 2016 By rjohnson

The United Kingdom joined the European Union’s predecessor—the European Economic Community—in 1973. Since then, the EU has become the largest market in the world. A cornerstone of the EU is the development of a Single Market that allows people, goods, services, and capital to move freely within its borders. The Treaty on the Functioning [...]

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The U.S. is Losing the Economic Drone War

On November 22, 2016 By pbauleke

Despite the FAA passing regulations that allow the use of drones for commercial purposes, these regulations do not allow Amazon to implement drones for delivery.  As told in a commercial by Jeremy Clarkson—former host of Top Gear—Amazon envisions a world in which [...]

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Your Emoji May Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

On November 22, 2016 By omarshall

Emojis can be potent symbols for communication.  A seemingly serious message can become playful with the addition of a “winking face” emoji; a knife or gun emoji can indicate sinister intentions.  The use of emojis skyrocketed after Apple included an emoji keyboard on its iPhone in 2011 and now play a large part in everyday [...]

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just made your online personal information a lot safer. On October 27, the FCC announced new regulations that limit an Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) ability to give out your personal information to third parties, such as marketing firms. Under these news rules, information will now be broken into Continue Reading

The increasingly popular blockchain, the underlying technology of the bitcoin, has been the object of a “patent land grab” by companies seeking to capitalize on its potential outside of the bitcoin context.[1] Most recently, it has found another use at AT&T, where researchers filed a patent application for a blockchain-based device and [...]

Continue Reading, once a sleuth-like tool in the fight against sex trafficking, has become the target of criminal investigation. Earlier this month, California Attorney General Kamala Harris charged the classified ad website’s CEO Carl Ferrer with pimping and conspiracy, deploying the help of Texas law enforcement to execute his arrest.

Free speech advocates [...]

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As more people turn to online and mobile sources for news and entertainment, the advertising industry has followed. Instead of focusing on traditional advertising methods, many brands now engage in “influencer” marketing campaigns. Paying celebrities to endorse your products on their social media pages is not a new practice, but now typical celebrities are not [...]

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Should Disney Just Let It Go?

On October 24, 2016 By jrowan

In 2014, a lawsuit was filed that alleged several of the largest animation companies in the United States had conspired with each other to create anti-poaching policies. These policies prevented each company from pursuing employees currently working at another company, thus suppressing wages and salaries. This behavior echoed that investigated by the Department of [...]

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With the recent news that NFL owners are seeking to extend their Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL Players Association, the question becomes whether the players are interested in such an extension, and what concessions might the players seek from team owners in return for coming to the negotiating table.

One issue that has [...]

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