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The number of Apple’s settlement with 33 states over electronic book price fixing could reach as high as $400 million. Last month, the company agreed to settle the class action brought by 33 attorneys generals seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for allegedly colluding with book publishers to inflate [...]

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Kramer Sues Seinfeld Staff Writer for Defamation–and Loses

By Patrick Tricker On July 17, 2014 · Updated July 17, 2014 · Leave a Comment

It’s a question of such philosophical magnitude that only Kramer could have asked it: is there anything wrong with saying, “not that there’s anything wrong with that?”

According to Kenny Kramer, the inspiration for Seinfeld’s famous Cosmo Kramer, the answer is “yes.” So much so, that he launched a $1 million defamation [...]

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When it comes to marketing, branding is important. A clever brand name can become ubiquitous and help a company soar to popularity. The drawback is that such brands are at risk of being genericized. When this happens, what was once a brand name is now a generic term used as a [...]

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The Miss America Rule

By Erin Shackelford On July 15, 2014 · Updated July 15, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Controversy over the unceremonious departure of the former Miss Delaware may lead to litigation.  Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre was stripped of her crown after winning the title in June.  Brittany Lewis, the original runner-up for the Miss Delaware pageant, was crowned the new Miss Delaware shortly after Longacre’s removal.

Longacre was [...]

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Though it likely got lost in the early summer joy of the weather finally warming, or in the rapt anticipation of the latest batch of Supreme Court decisions, the Judicial Conference’s Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure passed a package of proposed changes to the Federal Electronic Discovery Rules.  The changes are fairly [...]

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After a six-year battle, Tyler Perry finally won the rights to the trademark of “What Would Jesus Do” after filing a petition to cancel Kimberly Kearney’s registration of the trademark.  In addition to giving Perry the rights he was seeking, the case has also served as a warning about the importance [...]

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Halliburton II: Rethinking Fraud on the High-Frequency Market

By Richard Saunders On July 9, 2014 · Updated July 9, 2014 · Leave a Comment

On June 23th, the Supreme Court handed down one of the most highly anticipated securities litigation opinions in recent memory. Halliburton II brought the fraud-on-the-market theory, the linchpin of securities class actions, squarely in front of the Court. For months, excerpts from various other Court opinions suggested the theory was ripe [...]

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Google Accused of Sabotaging Right-to-be-Forgotten Ruling

By Torrey Samson On July 8, 2014 · Updated July 9, 2014 · Leave a Comment

The nearly two months old right-to-be-forgotten ruling, handed down from the European Union Court of Justice, has resulted in Google receiving more than 70,000 requests to remove links to more than 276,000 web pages. The search-engine titan has already come under fire for attempting to manipulate the press by granting requests to [...]

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