Volume 11, Issue 2

Winter 2009



Is It Really Possible to Do the Kessel Run in Less than Twelve Parsecs and Should It Matter? Science and Film and its Policy Implications Dov Greenbaum
The “Spiritual Temperature” of Contemporary Popular Music: An Alternative to the Legal Regulation of Death-Metal and Gangsta-Rap Lyrics Tracy Reilly


One Strike and You’re Out: Alcohol in the Major League Baseball Clubhouse Steven B. Berneman
Terroir vs. Trademarks: The Debate over Geographical Indications and Expansions to the TRIPS Agreement Emily C. Creditt
Internet Retailers and Intertype Competition: How the Supreme Court’s Incomplete Analysis in Leegin v. PSKS Leaves Lower Courts Improperly Equipped to Consider Modern Resale Price Maintenance Agreements Daniel B. Nixa