Volume 11, Issue 3

Spring 2009



Respect My Authority! South Park’s Expression of Legal Ideology and Contribution to Legal Culture Kimberlianne Podlas
The 2008 Federal Obscenity Conviction of Paul Little and What It Reveals About Obscenity Law and Prosecutions Robert D. Richards and Clay Calvert

Symposium Article

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown: Why Content’s Kingdom is Slipping Away Jonathan Handel


Solidifying the Defensive Line: The NFL Network’s Current Position Under Antitrust Law and How it Can Be Improved Ethan Flatt
Combating Incitement to Terrorism on the Internet: Comparative Approaches in the United States and United Kingdom and the Need for an International Solution Elizabeth M. Renieris
Over the Counter but Under the Radar: Direct-to-Consumer Genetics Tests and FDA Regulation of Medical Devices Lauren B. Solberg
We’re Friends, Right? Client List Misappropriation and Online Social Networking in the Workplace Brian Van Wyk