Volume 11, Issue 4

Summer 2009


Symposium Issue: User-Generated Content, Social Networking, and Virtual Worlds


Symposium Articles

A First Amendment for Second Life: What Virtual Worlds Mean for the Law of Video Games Marc Jonathan Blitz
The Magic Circle Joshua A.T. Fairfield
The Tangled Web of UGC: Making Copyright Sense of User-Generated Content Daniel Gervais
Patenting Games: Baker v. Sheldon Revisited Shubha Ghosh
Law and the Emotive Avatar Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons
Mass Culture and the Culture of the Masses: A Manifesto for User-Generated Rights Debora Halbert
Hume’s Penguin, or, Yochai Benkler and the Nature of Peer Production Steven A. Hetcher
Two Notions of Privacy Online Avner Levin and Patricia Sánchez Abril
Who Monitors the Monitor? Virtual World Governance and the Failure of Contract Law Remedies in the Virtual World Hannah Yee Fen LIM
“Transformative” User-Generated Content in Copyright Law: Infringing Derivative Works or Fair Use? Mary W.S. Wong
Working Toward Spontaneous Copyright Licensing: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem Tanya M. Woods