Volume 12, Issue 1

Fall 2009



An Indirect-Effects Model of Mediated Adjudication: The CSI Myth, the Tech Effect, and Metropolitan Jurors’ Expectations for Scientific Evidence Hon. Donald E. Shelton, Young S. Kim, and Gregg Barak
Echoes of the Sumptuary Impulse: Considering the Threads of Social Identity, Economic Protectionism, and Public Morality in the Proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act Lucille M. Ponte


Bargaining Power and Background Law Nancy S. Kim


Dr. Strange-rating or: How I Learned that the Motion Picture Association of America’s Film Rating System Constitutes False Advertising Jason K. Albosta
Applying Old Theories to New Problems: How Adverse Possession Can Help Solve the Orphan Works Crisis Megan L. Bibb
Stop the Bleeding: Title IX and the Disappearance of Men’s Collegiate Athletic Teams Victoria Langton