Volume 6, Issue 2

Spring 2004



Adult Entertainment and the First Amendment: A Dialogue and Analysis with the Industry’s Leading Litigator & Appellate Advocate Clay Calvert and Robert D. Richards
Long Overdue? An Exploration of the Status and Merit of a General Public Performance Right in Sound Recordings Matthew S. DelNero
Business, The Arts, & The Role of the Copyright Act: An Illustration Keith C. Hauprich
“Justice Isn’t Deaf” – A Behind the Scenes Look at how Bijoux Records Executives Discuss the Potential Liability for Violence “Inspired” by Song Lyrics and How They Will Fare in the Face of the First Amendment Renée Michelle Moore
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Wolf v. Ashcroft and the Constitutionality of Using the MPAA Ratings to Censor Films in Prison Colin Miller
The E-rated Industry: Fair Use Sheep or Infringing Goat? Christina Mitakis
The New Software Jurisprudence and the Faltering First Amendment Liam Séamus O’Melinn


Fiduciary Duty: Can It Help Calm the Fears of Underpaid Artists? Wendy V. Bartholomew
Is There Judicial Recourse to Attack Spammers? Ashley L. Rogers
The Reality of Fantasy: Addressing the Viability of a Substantive Due Process Attack on Florida’s Purported Stance Against Participation in Fantasy Sports Leagues that Involve the Exchange of Money Neville Firdaus Dastoor