Volume 7, Issue 3

Summer 2005



Tragedy and Triumph in Title IX Welch Suggs

Symposium Transcripts

Are We Playing By the Rules? A Debate Over the Need for NCAA Regulation Reform
Is the System Flawed? Legal Ramifications of the Bowl Championship Series and Conference Alignment


“Bring It On”: The High-Stakes Battle Over Whether The Courts, Congress or The FEC Should Muzzle Independent “527” Television Advertising Christopher G. Johnson
The Downhill Battle to Copyright Sonic Ideas in Bridgeport Music Matthew S. Garnett
Protecting the Future: A strategy for Creating Laws Not Constrained by Technological Obsolescence Jay Campbell
Revenue Sharing in Major League Baseball: Are Cuba’s Political Managers on their Way Over Too? Matthew Ryan McCarthy
An Analysis of the Recording Industry’s Litigation Strategy Against Direct Infringers Kristina Groennings
Steal this Concert? The Federal Anti-bootlegging Statute Gets Struck Down, but not Out Adam Giuliano
It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine!’ Works-Made-For-Hire, Section 203 of the Copyright Act, and Sound Recordings Adam Halston Dunst
Some Catching Up To Do: How the U.S., in Refusing to Fully Sign on to the WPPT’s Public Performance Right in Sound Recordings, Fell Behind the Protections of Artists’ Rights Recognized Elsewhere in this Increasingly Global Music Community Kara M. Wolke
Digital Music Sampling & Copyright Law: Can the Interests of Copyright Owners and Sampling Artists be Reconciled? Carlos Ruiz de la Torre