Volume 8, Issue 1

Winter 2005



Navigating Into the New “Safe Harbor” : Model Interest Surveys as a New Tool for Title IX Compliance Programs John J. Almond and Daniel A. Cohen
The Needle and the Damage Done: The Pervasive Presence of Obsolete Mass Media Audience Models in First Amendment Doctrine Mehmet Konar-Steenberg
Legal and Practical Aspects of Music Licensing for Motion Pictures Vlad Kushnir
Arresting Vaulting Pole Technology Russ VerSteeg


Copyright Issues for Sound Recordings of Volunteer Performers Stephen Adams
Upon Further Review: Why the NFL May Not be Free after Clarett, and Why Professional Sports May be Free from Antitrust Law Darren W. Dummit
The Reality of Reality Television: Understanding the Unique Nature of the Reality Genre in Copyright Infringement Cases J. Matthew Sharp